List of methods

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Full range version of the Give a number task, instead of the titration method
by Attila Krajcsi, Edina Fintor, Lilla Hodossy
0 0 0 Under initial discussion
Nonlinear relation of the comparison distance effect and the Weber fraction
by Dana Chesney
1 1 (Attila Krajcsi) 0 Under initial discussion
Individual Subitizing Range (ISR) calculator
by Tali Leibovich-Raveh, Daniel Jacob Lewis, Saja Al-Rubaiey Kadhim, Daniel Ansari
0 0 0 Under initial discussion
Audiovisual approach for measuring symbolic and non-symbolic number processing
by Mila Marinova, Delphine Sasanguie, Bert Reynvoet
0 0 0 Under initial discussion
Discovering a heterogeneous interference with the dual index calculation method
by Attila Krajcsi, Gábor Lengyel, Ákos Laczkó
1 0 0 Under initial discussion

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