How to use the directory?

About the directory

The directory aims to (a) list methods applicable in numerical cognition, and (b) to peer-evaluate them. (a) It helps researchers to find methods more easily. It can be considered as a methodological handbook, which can be updated faster and more easily, because it is cloud based, and which is more open. (b) Additionally, it can help researchers to evaluate those methods, and beyond the usual peer-review process, it gives a more open opportunity to express opinions about specific methods. Importantly, the evaluation is more transparent than most peer-review processes.

See a short presentation about the directory here.

Main rules of the directory

The directory lists methods with reviews of those methods. The directory includes the short description of the methods with appropriate reference to the main publications describing them in details. Also, the directory includes public evaluations of the methods including comments and votes.

Any published (either peer-reviewed or a public preprint) work can be listed among the methods. Any expert (PhD or a PhD in progress with interest in numerical cognition) can evaluate a method and comment and vote on it.

Based on the votes, a method can be

How to use (read) the directory?

Anyone can use the directory.

The directory is available at

Start reading the list of collected methods grouped into Topics. By clicking on a topic, you find the short description, the references describing the methods in more details, and the method’s discussion in the Methods part.

You can join the Forum (mailing list) to learn about events and writings about numerical cognition methods, or to read discussions about methodological issues.

You find additional details about the directory and its use in the About category.

How to reuse and cite the directory?

This is an open-access material distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

If you want to cite the whole directory, please, use the following reference:

If you want to cite a specific review, please, use the following reference:

Further information

If you have further questions, have an idea about the directory, want to clarify something, etc., contact the editors: Attila Krajcsi or Bert Reynvoet.