Audiovisual approach for measuring symbolic and non-symbolic number processing

Created by Mila Marinova at 2018-12-21 09:49:42

Short description Studies examining the relation between symbolic numbers (e.g., Arabic numerals, number words) and non-symbolic numerosities (e.g., dot arrays) have reported inconsistent results and contradictory interpretations. We evaluate the different approaches these studies have used to create their numerical tasks, and propose a new audiovisual paradigm as an alternative for measuring number processing. We argue that the numerical tasks applying purely visual presentation suffer from hidden drawbacks. The latter, however, can be elegantly overcome by using an audiovisual paradigm, in which participants have to compare/match purely symbolic number pairs (e.g., auditory presented number word and visually presented digit), purely non-symbolic pairs (e.g., auditory tone sequence and visually presented dots), or mixed pairs (e.g., tones and digits).

Reference Marinova M, Sasanguie D, Reynvoet B (2018) Symbolic estrangement or symbolic integration of numerals with quantities: Methodological pitfalls and a possible solution. PLoS ONE 13(7): e0200808.

Authors Mila Marinova, Delphine Sasanguie, Bert Reynvoet

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